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18 and 19 September: Dubai - SPS AUTOMATION MIDDLE EAST

The International Exhibition and Conference for Innovative Solutions in the Automation Industry 

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SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition on electric automation with already 28 years of experience and 5 shows across the globe attracting more than 2,400 exhibitors and around 150,000 visitors worldwide.

SPS Automation Middle East is the newly born in the SPS expanding group.

The show aims to gather the professionals of the Automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence Industry under one roof, providing the right platform to showcase the latest innovations and solutions.

We have been present at the stand A11 and with a speech at 12 PM by Mr. Alberto Sibono, about "Permanent Industrial & Process Network Monitoring 24/7 : data consistency passes through constant monitoring of the quality of the Industrial Ethernet Network".

In a world where the "interconnection" and the "interoperability" between field devices and systems are the basis for having an integrated platform in the complete management of production data, monitoring, diagnostics and analysis, constant and remote, of the quality of the Industrial Ethernet network, are of fundamental importance to acquire, in real time, not only system block failures, but also and above all, it allows to realize, when there is a degradation of the quality level of the signal, a premonitory factor of a possible future network malfunction. The new solution permits also to notify industrial and process networks alarms to right person, at right time, in the right place with the right information.

This event took place in the Festival Arena in Dubai (UAE).

SPS 2018 LOGO8 ENG col22 ÷ 24 May: Parma (Italy) - SPS IPC DRIVES PARMA

The Italian key event for Industrial Automation & Digitalization

In its 8th consecutive year, SPS IPC Drives Italia has become the leading B2B platform for Italian OEMs and, as a result, for those looking at Italy as a potential market for their Industrial Automation products and solutions.

We have been present at:

  • Hall 5, Booth L010: the new solution for remote diagnostics of Ethernet, with integrated management of service staff 24h/7g
  • Hall 5, Booth E065: diagnostics and analysis of Ethernet industrial networks and new intelligent dedicated switches
  • Hall 3, Booth D061a: the new MB solution for an easy and economic protection of installations from possible external intrusions (Cyber Security)


"Data Driven Innovation - Rome 2018 Open Summit" has been an initiative promoted by the Department of Engineering of the University Roma Tre and by Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition, with the scientifi contribution of the Foundation "Centro di iniziativa giuridica Piero Calamandrei".

This event represented the annual date in which data scientists and insiders tell how data culture is changing our society and our economy.

This event, organised inside the Maker Faire Rome 2018 PID project, has been the goal to promote the fair of october (12 ÷ 14 october 2018

We have been present with an intervention about "Permanent (Industrial) Network Monitoring: the data coherence is given by the constant monitoring of the indutrial Ethernet network quality".

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre was born from the businnes spirit of who, for more than 20 years, has played his activity in the industrial communication sector, both in Italy and abroad, and the will of Professors of the DINAEL - Naval and Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Genoa, which entering they themselves in the shareholders structure of the Company, intent to give a concrete follow-up to the innovative researches developped inside their laboratories.

The Company has been created in the “Progetto UNI.T.I.”, which has the aim to promote the Companies born from research made by University of Genoa.

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre is then at full right a spin-off of the University of Genoa, Engineering Department.

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre operates in Fieldbuses sector (Ethernet and Industrial Networks) and Industrial Automation, providing service at high value added, which space from Certified Training to Diagnostic on site of Industrial Communication Networks, through activities more strictly orientated to Research, as the universitarian origin suggests.

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre gathers in only one Competence Centre Specialized Technicians with experience of more than twenty years on field, both in Manufactury and Process Industry.

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre is member of Consorzio “Profibus & Profinet Italia - P.I.” and it’s present in the related “Board of Directors”.

The performed activities are:

  • Industrial Networks Audit;
  • Training Courses even Certified;
  • Automation Systems Diagnostic;
  • Communication Interfaces Development Support;
  • Support to project phase, regarding the part of communication with the field.

genova-portoEither than the above mentioned istitutional activities, Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre provides broader spectrum and innovative Services then the actual offer of the market, like:

  • development of products and software for Diagnostic, Monitoring and Maintenance of Automation Systems;
  • marketing of third-party devices, for the analisys of Fieldbus Communication Networks, as network PC cards, protocol analizers, loop-meter, etc.;
  • Embedded Solutions implementations for Fieldbus Communication;
  • development of Gateways for heterogeneus Communication Protocols;
  • pre-industrial prototypes, following research projects with University;
  • participation to International Research projects, with support to the Competence Centers'' worldwide networkand to the Genoa University''s structure.

The collaboration with Genoa University''s DINAEL - Naval and Electrical Engineering Department (MAI Lab Laboratory) permits the development of projects of R & D and the realization of pre-industrial prototypes.

Our Company is able to provide Assistance and Services in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portugues languages.

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