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logo Profibus HiRes rgbThe "Troubleshooting & Maintenance on PROFIBUS networks" training course is fully concentrated on those who install and maintain PROFIBUS® installations.

A complete knowledge package is provided that can be put into practice immediately.

The participants will learn how to analyse, localise and solve a PROFIBUS® problem.

Theory about cabling, shielding, grounding, busparameters and measurement tools is the basis of this knowledge.

With the help of practical exercises on real networks, the participants will put theory into practice.

At the end of the training, the participants are directly capable to maintain and solve issues in PROFIBUS® installations.

They will have a strong theoretical foundation and are able to handle the necessary measurement tools.

The theory about cabling, shielding busparametres and measurement tools is at the base of this course.

Topics :

  • Theory

    • Technology of PROFIBUS DP and PA
    • RS 485 and MBP-IS characteristics
    • Cabling techniques
    • Grounding and shielding
    • DP/PA segment couplers, repeaters and OLMs
    • Strategy of fault finding
    • How to interpret an oscilloscope signal
    • Measurement tools
  • Practical exercises

    • Protocol analysis
    • Cable and signal measurements
    • Class 2 functions
    • Remote Monitoring

Target audience :

The course "PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance" is intended for everybody who is responsible for PROFIBUS®, as for example:

  • Service personnel and operators
  • Installation companies
  • Industrial PROFIBUS® users
  • Engineering companies
  • Suppliers
  • Hard- and software engineers

Training methodology :

  • Theory + practice
  • Cabling tools and diagnostics tools utilisation
  • Practical exercises on hardware.

Duration :

  • 2 days (10 am ÷ 5 pm)

Price :

  • 700 € per person

Participants will receive: a text book, writing material and the Participation Paper.

We suggest to bring your own notebook, with DVD-ROM reader and/or USB port.

Dinner is included in all training days.

To pre - register to the "Troubleshooting PROFIBUS networks" training course, please consult us.

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