FDT Group

Technical Assistance

We provide Technical Assitance to Companies about questions and products concerning Fieldbuses and interfaces between devices, also from different manifacturers.

Our Company has its own 90 m2 laboratory, entirely dedicated to Fieldbus Technologies, and we able to make “super partes” interoperability tests, releasing a report with test results.

In addition, cooperating with the MAILab Laboratory of Genoa University, Engineering Faculty, also EMC and IEC-61850 tests may be done.

Technical Support

Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre can offer a Technical Support Service, in different languages, reserved to Companies (Manifacturers, Importers, Distributors) wishing to enlarge and to optimize their support to clients about their products using Fieldbus technologies, and willing trust a qualified Competence Centre with highly specialised and certified technicians.

Our Support is given by telephone (dedicated line), Skype and email (with dedicated mail address).

A 24/24 7/7 Technical Support service may be scheduled.

If necessary, interventions on installation site may be scheduled.

This service is particularly important as it ensures, with the knowledge of products to support, also a specific competence on the technologies of different communication networks and their reference standards.

This offers clients also the chance to have a constant updating about communication technologies by mean of the participation at Training Courses, Seminars, Workshops, organised with Manifacturers, Importers or Distributors of supported products.

Technical Support telephone: +39 010 860 2580

Technical Support fax: +39 010 656 3233

Technical Support email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


9 am ÷ 12:30 pm

2 pm ÷ 5:30 pm



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