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Show Conference Technologies for Petrolchemical Industry

Milan, November 25logo pni

We were present at last edition of mcT Petrolchimico, at “Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.” booth.

Ing. Micaela CASERZA MAGRO intervened about the theme “Also safety is running on the cable”.

A brief introduction to the fuctional safety concepts applied to process industry and its features.
Definition of imposed requirements to achieve functional safety required performances for specific applications.

How these rquirements can be obtained also though fieldbuses and particularly using the Profisafe safety profile on Profibus and/or Profinet and how this give undeniable advantages in terms of execution times, installation, commissioning and operation.

mcT Petrolchimico took place November 25, at Crown Plaza Hotel in San Donato Milanese (MI).


Electric Automation - Systems and Components, International Exhibition

Norimberga, 24 ÷ 26 Novembre

SPS IPC DRIVES is the exhibition for Electric Automation Technology.
It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.

It is the Mother edition of the homonym spring fair in Parma.

logo spsde pnilogofahne2Deutschm Logo AWe were present at our Partners’ DEUTSCHMANN AUTOMATION (Hall 2 Booth 240) and MB CONNECT LINE (Hall 10.0 - Booth 202) booths.

We will be present also at the PI INTERNATIONAL boot, Hall 2 Booth 221.

SPS IPC DRIVES took place in Nuremberg in November 24 to 26.

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Conference and Exhibition on Solutions and Applications for Automation, Instrumentation, Sensors

Verona, 27 ÷ 28 Ottobre

SAVE is an event, now in its ninth edition, which combined an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

We have been present at RCC ITALY’s stand (Booth 8).

SAVE took place october 27 and 28, at Veronafiere - Centro Congressi “Palaexpo”.


A day dedicated to industial communication

Verona 0422Naples, October 14

A new meeting chance for all insiders to live a day dedicated to industrial communication and make a trip into the last technological aspects and the most innovating applications in manufacturing and process domains.

A unique date, regrouping all representatives of main companies in these domains, important experts in academic world, seeing also the participation of persons of international fame in the domain of industrial communication.

PNI Napoli 1 PNI Napoli 2

This event took place at Towers Hotel Stabiae Sorrento, S.S. 145 Sorrentina, Km 12.400, Castellammare di Stabia (NA).

it header rbsCHEM-MED

International exhibition dedicated to chemistry, instrumentation, process control, automation systems and plant engineering for industry and laboratories

Milan, September 23 ÷ 25

The Engineers Milan Association and G.I.S.I., in cooperation with ANIPLA and AIMAN, have scheduled the following workshops:

Thursday, September 24, 2015, 10 am to 12 pm
(Ri)pensare alla risorsa impianto in ottica Industry 4.0: migliorare efficienza e qualità dei processi chimici e farmaceutici con le tecniche PAT  (codice 667-15)

Link to flyer

Thursday, September 24, 2015, 2 pm to 4 pm
Tendenze evolutive e casi di studio nella manutenzione industriale.
La manutenzione quale fattore crtitico per l'efficienza dell'impianto e l'ottimizzazione degli asset produttivi (codice 668-15)

Link to flyer

Friday, September 25, 2015, 10 am to 12 pm
La sicurezza nell'industria di processo e la riduzione dei rischi al valore Alarp (As Low As Reasonably Possible) (codice 669-15)

Link to flyer

Our Technical Director Ing. Micaela CASERZA MAGRO spoke friday 25 about  “Safety on fieldbus: also the communication is safe”.

This event took place in Milan at FieraMilanoCity, Hall 1 - Booth G.I.S.I: D-36.

SACCHI AUTOMATION FORUM sacchi automascion forum

A Meccathronic approach in I/O connections and Safety applications

Monza Autodrome, Septemer 16 ÷ 18

We have been present at the 2015 edition of SACCHI AUTOMATION FORUM.

During the Weidmuller presentation, our Technical Director Micaela CASERZA MAGRO spoke about “Advantages on TCO through Machine Safety implementation”.


A day dedicated to out of the ordinary performances

Verona 0422June 17

We have been present at this date with “Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.” for a day dedicated to out of the ordinary performances: a unique and excellent date, thanks to interesting themes, to nationally relevant guests and to a preview on the updates on worldwide leader standards in industrial networking.

All this in an historical, original and exciting location.

The date has been wednesday June 17, 2015 at Villa Maria Hotel & Congress Center, Contrada Pretaro, Francavilla al Mare (CH).

PI INTERNATIONAL profibus logo


Limerick (EIRE), May 19 ÷ 22

We have participated to the PICC and PITC International Meeting organised by PI INTERNATIONAL in Limerick (EIRE).

SPS IPC DRIVES ITALIA SPS 2015 LOGO full label color

Electric Automation System and Components

Parma, May 12 ÷ 14

We have been present at next edition of SPS IPC DRIVES ITALIA, at “Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.” booth (Hall 2, Booth C050).

May 12, at Sala Cioccolato (Hall 4), from 2 PM to 5 PM  14 alle 17 the Round Table "Appuntamento con la Tecnologia" took place.

For more informations...

From 4 PM to 4:20 Micaela Caserza Magro (Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.) spoke about “Profinet for energetical effciency".

SPS IPC DRIVES ITALIA took place May 12 to 14, at the Fair District of Parma.


Integrated Solutions for SMART FACTORY

Turin - Lingotto Fiere, April 22 ÷ 23

From 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM of Aprile 23, at Sala Verde it took place the meeting “Controlli di processo e manutenzione in ottica Industria 4.0: le tecnologie innovative sono i mattoni delle moderne Fabbriche Intelligenti”, where our colleague Dr. Ing. Micaela Caserza Magro will be moderating.


A time trip between history and innovation

Verona 0422Verona, April 22

Major national experts will discuss on themes about Operational Excellence, Motion Control, Energy Efficiency and Safety and famous guests have shown success stories involving PROFIBUS and PROFINET Technologies.

This day, dedicated to technicians, engineers, system integrator and fans of this domain, has deepen these themes and raise awareness about innovations on Technologies promoted by PROFIBUS e PROFINET Italia.

This day has taken place in a suggestive location, immersed in Triveneto colors and flavors of Museo Nicolis Museo dell'Auto, della Tecnica e della Meccanica, Via Postumia 71, Villafranca di Verona (VR).


Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition

Ravenna, March 25 ÷ 27

We have been present at last edition of OMC, at “Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.” booth.

OMC took place in March 25 to 27, at Pala De André, Viale Europa 1, Ravenna.


Motion Control For

Bologna, March 10

We have been present at last edition of MC4, at “Consorzio Profibus e Profinet Italia - P.I.” booth.

MC4 took place March 10, at Bologna Congressi, Bologna.


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