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Our Company has open commercial and technical collaborations with several Italian and foreign Firms to the purpose to have available both high technological level Solutions and commercial Partners which cover the whole national territory, permitting an active presence near the customer.

We are completely open to examine new Partnerships on the base of commercial and technical interchange.

For more informations, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or else calling at +39 010 860 2580.


Logo Indu sol
INDU-SOL is a Company which objectives are customized solutions for industrial networks diagnostic and monitoring with maximum quality and cost efficiency.
Service stands for performance, competence and flexibility at Indu-Sol.
Trust, openness and mutual respect are the basis of successful collaboration.
Teamwork and communication create transparent knowledge and lay the foundation of a professional advice.

GFCC and INDU-SOL put their competences at your service.

Stabile Indu sol

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logo nomizeis
Nomizeis is an innovative start-up developing tools for actuating the know-how sharing philosophy..
Nomizeis is a forge of ideas identifying, in sharing among them, needs and articulated solutions.
The synergy of specialized know-how allows the realization of projects, works, plants, with optimal solutions and with original and advanced methods.
The sharing know-how tool that Nomizeis uses is called IoT⁴: passage from the interaction between things, the Internet of Things, to the interaction between ideas, Internet of Thinking.
IoT⁴ is inspired by the Industry4 techniques.

IoT⁴ represents the exponential growth of ideas.


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Estonian Fieldbus Competency Centre
It is a dynamical and innovationg Firm in domaina such as Industrial Automation, Building Automation and Industrial Communication.
The EFCC “core business” is based on following activities:
  • R & D
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Training and continous Training
  • Innovating Services
EFCC is the ideal Partner for Firms and Companies desiring to grew up their competitiveness through innovationg Services and Technologies.
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ETAP Provider
ETAP is a full spectrum analytical engineering firm specializing in the planning, design, analysis, operation, training, and computer simulation of power systems.
ETAP is the most comprehensive power system enterprise solution. With tens of thousands of licenses in use in more than 100 countries, ETAP serves the power system needs from generation to utilization.
ETAP employs a research and development team supported by a staff of engineers and scientists who have a combined knowledge of over 500 years experience.
ETAP is privileged to have a permanent staff of power system engineers, many of whom have been internationally recognized as experts in their field.
ETAP is committed to providing quality solutions for electrical power systems.
Incorporated in 1986, ETAP released the first version of Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) power system analysis and design software.
Today, ETAP is recognized as the global market leader in providing solutions for power systems analysis, design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation.
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MAILab MAILab is a Laboratory of the University of Genoa, Department of Naval, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DITEN), which deals of research in Industrial Measurement sector, with particular reference to the aspect related to Automation and Process Systems. The Responsible is Prof. Paolo Pinceti.
The Research Activities are oriented to the innovation and technological transfer to strategical sectors as Energy and Maintenance.
As part of the collaboration in R&D with GFCC, MAILab takes an absolutely relevant place for all is concerning the study and the normatives of the innovative technologies as IEC61850, OPC UA, FDI and Electromagnetic Compatibility Measures (EMC) for Automation and Process Systems.
MAILab operates also on research projects at international level in several sectors: among them Fieldbus, Energy Management, Power Quality, Measurement Distribuited Systems, Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Systems.
MAILab performs activities of Consulting and of Technical Support to big industrial realities: among them Riva Acciai, Enelpower, Tenova, ...
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logo FINT
FIELDBUS INTERNATIONAL AS (FINT) was established in 1993 as a Fieldbus network Solutions and Services Provider to vendors and users in the process control and offshore industry.
It specializes on products based on Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, HART, WirelessHART and CANbus Technologies.
FINT also supplies its patented, high-speed Fieldbus I/O system for hazardous environments.
Flexibility is the company’s strength.
Fint provides solutions to those who want to stay ahead in the competition utilizing the acquired competence.


JPE Logo
2012 09 03 08 26 50 533JPE Services is an engineering company, based in Brighton, Massachusetts (USA), which provides a wide range of services for industrial automation projects worldwide including direct engineering, project management and commissioning services.

JPE Services is our specific Partner for:

  • expertise in ORSI legacy products (both SCADA/ORSI-Cube and DCS/ORSI-PMC)
  • applications as well migration / integration projects that do involve ORSI Automation legacy products.
  • All the support in all the different aspects of the project, including integration of existing ORSI systems with more recent technologies (like PCS7, SIMATIC IT, S7), project management, engineering and support services (including technical support, periodic maintenance services and application optimization).
  • Hands-on-education on different topics related to ORSI technology, including Cube/SIMATIC IT application development, PMC (OPMC, PMC20, PMC15 etc… and related ORSI I/O modules) programming and troubleshooting.

Technical consulting, Engineering, Project Management and Commissioning services, for POWER GENERATION projects (combined cycles, steam turbines, gas turbines, wind farms).

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Sitem marchio
SITEM is a Firm certified UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2008 which operates as long ago as System Integrator in Test, Measurement and Industrial Automation sectors, covering markets as Electronics, Telecommunications, Automotive, Defence, Aerospatial, Energy, Chemical and Medical.
SITEM as a NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Alliance Member provides technological knowledges on themes as fast data acquisition and measure instrumentation.
SITEM has "Certifiied Profibus Engineer" and "Certified Profinet Engineer" technicians trained by Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre.
Joined workshops are scheduled to introduce solutions based on NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS technology for integration with PROFIBUS® and PROFINET® networks.
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Sarc Italia LOGO2
SARC ITALIA, based in Modena, is engaged with industrial automation with electronic, software and electromechanical technologies with a high quality profile.
It operates in demanding domains with a strategy based on service and technological innovation: industrial Communication, PC-Based Control Architectures, industrial PCs and Monitors Manufacturers (INDATECH), PLCs, Industrial Safety, Motion, Sensors, Professional lightining solutions.
SARC ITALIA is Molex official distributor for industrial communication solutions, pastly known as “applicom” and “SST”.

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