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PROmanage NTYour network seems to work.

But what are its actual performances?

Is it really cabled and configured in a correct way<, and don’t its performances degrade over time?

Is it cabled “in a workmanlike”?

Is its maintenance simple?

Is it simple to evolve its configuration?

Are there no leakings of data?

Our service of Network Diagnostic permits you to evaluate the functionalities of your network, to indentify any malfunctions and anomalies, and, if it''s the case, to evaluate the solutions to recover the correct performance.

The word troubleshooting ("elimination of the problem") means a procedure of logic and systematic research of the causes of a problem so it can be solved and the affected product or process come back to be operative again

This is necessary in the development and maintenance of complex systems, where the symptoms of possible problems can have many different causes upstream.

Troubleshooting consists at the beginning to identify the malfunctioning and than to research its cause through a progressive elimination process of the possible known causes.

Zustandsgraph enAnalysis «upstream»

Presentation of the Audit procedure, explenation of the main cabling rules, analysis of the network topology on paper:

  • Understanding of the network and grouping of the related documentation
  • Analysis and detection of the functioning anomalies and related impact on the network performances
  • Historian of the analysis already carried out
  • Presentation of analysis and diagnostic tools

Physical layer validation

Visual control of every network segment implementation:

  • Verification of cables and network topology
  • Verification of number of devices per segment
  • Max length of a segment, in function of the communication speed
  • Minimal distance between two devices
  • Used connectivity, general fixing, screw fixings
  • Shield and signals continuity
  • Grounding of armors
  • Presence of the network terminations and bias line

PROmanage ScreenshotElectrical signals control

  • Power presence
  • Measurement of electrical levels (idle, logical 0 and 1) from every device
  • Reflections measurement
  • CEM noises measurement
  • Measurement of para-diafonia, delle attenuazioni, …

« Link » layer control

Verification of the access to every device through the network:

  • Present devices, type of devices and related network address list
  • Diagnostic of absence of collisions and/or illegal frames
  • Measure of answer time and Time-outs
  • Measure of cycle time and network traffic

Application layer control

Analysis of the type of traffic:

  • Control of communication protocol compliance
  • Visualization of exchanged data on network
  • Visualization of diagnostic and eventual application alarms

Proscan Active demoFinal report

Provision of a final report:

  • Release of detected data and of measurements carried out
  • Detection of any defects and analysis of the possible causes
  • Suggestions for improvement or modification of the network

Our Specialistic Team perform the diagnostic of your PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, … networks

For other kinds of diagnostic, please contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or calling us at +39 010 860 2580.


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